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Halva is middle eastern sweet confections, a totally natural and quality product that is suitable for every palate dietary preference. Combining healthy nutrients with a magical sweet flavor Halva is the perfect healthy treat. 

Using the finest organic single-origin Ethiopian white humera Sesame seeds, recognised as the best in the world - our Halva has a magical - nutty -- airy - complex and extremely satisfying melt-on-your-tongue creaminess to provide a premium snack experience. It is Hand Crafted soft Halva, tull of Protein, Calcium, Iron and Fibre.

Vegan, Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free.

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Steve Walpole

Professional Chef & Consultant


Steve has over 25 years of experience in the food sector. Started his culinary journey attending the prestigious Westminster Kingsway College. His first role earned him a position in the kitchens was at the House of Commons - from Commis to Senior Chef de Partie. He also gained experience in a number of high profile restaurants and hotels.  Later on, he went back to Westminster Kingsway College but this time as a Chef Lecturer. Among his experience is been a Senior Executive Chef for British Airways and Head of Food for Ugo Food Group.

Steve Walpole Limited was born in 2013 and offer a range of culinary services, including guide and develop business.

Denise Phillips
Kosher gourmet food/ Cookery writer/ Cookery School
2009-11-04 12.39.18.jpg

Denise Phillips, the UK’s leading Jewish chef and cookery writer.

Denise offers a wide range of cookery classes and an array of mouthwatering modern stylish recipes through her website & her books.

Tassy Goodall
Product Development Chef at Sainsbury's

Tassy Goodall, Sainsbury's Development chef and baking blogger.

Trained at Leiths in all culinary disciplines but have a penchant for veg-centric cooking and, on the other end of the spectrum, cakes.




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