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Chef Jodie Cox

Privet Chef 

Jodie is a private chef, with a special focus on vegetarian and vegan dishes. Her aim is to create exciting and innovative recipes, with a big emphasis on the use of sustainable ingredients and the avoidance of waste.       

Jodie grew up in France where her family grow all their own food, forage, keep bees and ultimately try to be a self-sufficient as possible, this sparked her passion and respect for food. Later, she trained at Leiths School in London. Her food is inspired by home as well as her travels. her goal is to encourage others to eat more plants, to produce less waste and finally, to live a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

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Brown butter, Halva and chocolate cookies

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Spelt, date and walnut bread

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Hazelnut, coffee and halva Friands

with a tahini and date icing