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Silan Date syrup - 1000% dates - x13 unit case

Silan is a Date syrup with a texture like Honey - Made from 100% selected Medjoul Dates.
Sesame Kingdom's Silan is all-natural and contains only dates.

Vegan | No additives and no preservatives and no allergens - Just 100% dates

Antioxidants | Minerals | Vitamins | Potassium | Magnesium | Nutritional Fiber | Calcium | Iron 


Winner of Great Taste 3 stars 2020
"Liquid gold! Rich in date aroma" (Great Taste Judges 2020)




"Silan 100% Dates 3-StarTempting, rich and glossy with its dark caramel intensity and warm, sweet, fruity aromas. A gorgeous light viscosity that just runs off the spoon in a thin stream with great clarity. Velvety and smoothly textured, the syrup melts in the mouth to reveal its flavor profiles. Flavours of the sun-warmed skins with their papery edges, fudgy muscovado sweetness from the dense flesh and a nutty, very cleverly balanced bitter note from the seed blend seamlessly. The flavour profile of the whole date is showcased in this luxurious and indulgent syrup. Rounded and balanced with lengthy fragrant flavours but a beautifully clean and sweet finish."


"Liquid gold! Rich in date aroma. Rich caramel and cooked fruit notes with a liquorice hint to the flavour. Bitterness and sweetness are well balanced. Quite loose for a spread but would be great poured over porridge or yogurt. Indulgent but also clean on the palate."


"This date syrup has a rich fruity aroma, a runny viscous consistency and a glossy attractive deep golden brown colour. The syrup has lots of fruit sweetness and depth with some caramel, PX sherry and butter character. The sweetness and creamy butteriness are balanced out by fruity acidity and a pleasant burnt caramel note. This would be great to use in savoury and sweet dishes - drizzled over porridge, icecream, in dressings, glazing hams and many other applications."


"This has a silken texture and wonderful pouring consistency. The flavour is far more developed and complex than other similar products, evocative of the finest ripe Medjoul dates. This is wonderful to eat on its own, or to provide a natural sweet lift in cooking."


Silan Date syrup | Case (13 per case)

370 Grams
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