Tahini Shaker - The Innovative Way to Serve Smooth Tahini!


Check out this new fun kitchen tool that helps you easily prep and serve smooth tahini in just a few seconds. This ingenious shaker is the first of its kind, designed to produce the perfect tahini every single time, with clearly marked measurements printed on the glass. 


How To Make Tahini

#1  Unscrew lid 

#2 Detach lid from the bottle

#3 Pour raw Tahini to fill up the marked area

#4 Add water (and other desired flavors like lemon juice/minced garlic/salt etc.)

#5 Attach lid back and close it tightly 

#6 Do the Tahini shake! Up and down or side to side, for a few seconds until the mixture looks consistent

#7 Remove the clear cap

#8 Pour out your fresh home-made Tahini and enjoy! 

 #9 What is left in the shaker can be stored in the refrigerator and used the next day :)

Tahini Shaker


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